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Seasonality Predictions​

Seasonalities are regular and predictable patterns that occur in certain periods over a calendar year. Get analysis of seasonal patterns to optimize your trading in a systematic way and make your trading consistent and successful. With our award-winning algorithms, you can find a suitable time to buy and sell individual stocks, commodities, and currencies. For us, it is important that you base your trading decisions on empirical facts, rather than emotions and subjective interpretations.

Seasonality Pattern found and analysed by complex Ai,
Our super fast algorithms analyse over 300.000 data points every day for EACH asset to predict future movements.

Every industry exhibits seasonal trends based on solid fundamental drivers. They may find various factors important, such as harvest periods, the timing of interest payments, tax or balance sheet deadlines, earnings reports, weather, investor sentiment time points, and traditional patterns, such as the year-end rally in the stock market or gold. PrimeMarket Terminal gathers many seasonal factors in one place to provide you with the best strategy to invest and sell.

Pattern Analysis

In chart-technical trading, charts are the crucial informants that support a trader’s wisdom in deriving reliable predictions. We provide you with the most up-to-date price chart patterns for any asset.

Our charts recurringly form the maps of market participants’ behavior in specific market constellations. This feature is based on scientific findings in financial science and psychology of consumer behavior.

After the technical data matching, our software gathers a number of patterns with similar contours to calculate price trend occurrence probability. PMT Pattern Scan generates concrete predictions of high and low prices within defined time period. You can select any value to evaluate reliability of anticipated market trends in a daily performance comparison.

Innovative Vector analysed Pattern Detection.
With its evolutionary forecasting technology based on vector algorithms trading gets easy.

Unlike traditional analyzers, our PatternScan indicator recognizes the previously unknown patterns of pricing data. Thanks to its evolutionary forecasting technology based on vector algorithms and fuzzy logic, you will get price data analysis that takes into account even the most recent formations. PatternScan has dynamic and self-learning programs which allow us to provide you with evolutionary formation recognition even for long-term market changes.

Use the PrimeMarket Terminal to immediately turn your knowledge into profits. Take the opportunity to foresee trades ahead of other market participants and get specific trade recommendations based on immediate predictions for the next time!

Social Sentiment

Save hours of stock monitoring on social media with our latest machine learning technology Algos that analyses social sentiment on multiple platforms! Artificial intelligence is a broad term that fundamentally refers to getting computers to emulate thinking similar to humans. While many problems can be solved with AI, we have found the complexity and time inefficiency of sentiment analysis particularly interesting to address. 

Through training and automation, Algos monitors social media and provides insights into what people talk, think, and feel about companies and their products. Thanks to this feature, you can assess if public perception has any impact on stock value.

Always on the pulse of the crowd!
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit always know what the mass thinks with our social sentiment algo

Analyzing patterns in the text follows the same principle. We input social media posts into a neural network and train it to process the sentiment of each post. After the proper training, the program can identify sentiments in posts never seen before. As the training and neural network configuration improve, the results continue to be more and more accurate.

PMT scans social media networks for mentions of companies and their products. While we write this, we can also track any company on the US stock exchange. We aim to gather the largest number of posts, run them through our neural networks and determine their sentiment to provide you with graphs of results over time.

We believe that social network activity is a useful tool to inform you about positive and negative consumer opinions. Brand value is highly affected by online chatters and can drive or hurt sales.

Social media posts are made both before and after the market price changes. Although it is not always possible to find correlations and causations between market prices and social media sentiment, our sentiment research will provide you with a piece of valuable information to improve your overall investment strategy together with other tools and features. For instance, we have found that some individuals’ opinions about stocks have a significantly higher correlation with short-term price movements.

News Sentiment

The PrimeMarket Terminal also indexes and analyzes sentiments of articles and video content from credible news sources. These might include CNBC, Zacks, Bloomberg, The Motley Fool, Fox Business, The Street, and many more. We read the news for you and our AI analyzes the sentiment based on our all-new Algo. For each news item, you are provided with positive, negative, or neutral sentiments to add to the sentiment analysis.

News move prices and markets  – always up-to-date
We analyse all headlines and articles in realtime and give you a summary how it may effect the markets

News about finance, stocks, Forex, or overall news about certain industries often dictate what will happen to prices. Therefore, keeping up with the broad news materials is considerably beneficial to your trading strategy. We also made sure that you quickly notice mood changes for particular assets, so you will receive a history of sentiment analysis for the past 100 days.

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