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A comprehensive video course for every function

A comprehensive video course will lead you through every function and explain how to use it in detail. We will provide strategy examples and a few use cases inside the chart to make sure you are completely comfortable with our platform. You will get assitance to properly set up your workspace to establish an optimal workflow that will advance your trading efficiency.

Tooltips and in-depth scientific materials

Besides the video courses, our platform offers short and practical tooltips for each feature individually. For our most curious users, we have prepared in-depth scientific materials delivered in a precise and academic manner, along with backtesting and sources. In addition, these materials are backed by cross-references to help you quickly find more information of your interest.

Get help from our successful users

We interviewed our best and most successful users to share their advice on how to use the PrimeMarket Terminal. There are all kinds of traders, from scalper to day and swing traders. All of them have shared their strategies, winning techniques, and tactics. Therefore, you will get exclusive access to the most successful approaches and the opportunity to quickly take a successful strategy and begin profitable trading independently.

24 / 7 Chat Support with our traders

If our educational materials didn’t provide the information you seek, don’t hesitate to contact our chat support. Chat with our traders at any time 24/7 to get the answer to anything you might find unclear. We will always attempt to give you the most sophisticated answers and solution approaches. If you choose to be a Lifetime Member, you will get access to an exclusive group, the PMT inner circle, where members share, speak about, and go through their analyses.

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