PrimeMarket Terminal has numerous features that will interact with you in an easy manner to help you customize your trading needs by providing you with organized and beautiful charts. This highly flexible trading software has everything you need to analyze the trading market and present the analyses in accordance with your interests.





Best Chartingtools combined with superior workflow

With TradingView by our side, we guarantee the best charting service that is powerful and ideal for the most ambitious and diverse users. With the PrimeMarket Terminal, you will get the next-generation web charting features for each aspect of technical analysis with trading tools included. Our charts are carefully designed to interact with the user and will provide a unique desktop experience. You will get the opportunity to use a wide range of chart types since our software offers baseline and area charts, and the powerful volume-based Renko, Kagi and Heiken-Ashi.

Our users can perform the most advanced technical analysis thanks to a wide selection of tools. PrimeMarket Terminal allows you to use and distribute the most powerful technical charting currently available on the market, including analysis and trading skills. Regardless of the variety and quantity, intervals are presented in an easy-to-read, appealing manner. We designed the charts carefully to interact with our users and to provide them with a range of chart types, making it easy to see the markets from various perspectives. PrimeMarket includes baseline and area charts, together with Renko, Kagi, and Heiken-Ashi volume-based indicators, which, if combined together, provide very accurate signals. Use up to 16 charts at once and even synchronize them to keep track of prices or symbols at a glance.

Customize everything according to your workflow! Typically, we push out new features and enhancements every 1-2 weeks for free. Although the platform evolves, you won’t be required to make any additional payments.

We also invite you to give your feedback and suggest a feature that you’d like to see added to the system. Contact our Team and get the desired feature on our feature request list! We are continuously updating our system in accordance with our existing users’ demands to ensure their satisfaction and success

Market Structure

Two tools are made available by PrimeMarket Terminal for those who have to identify the market structure. “Supply and Demand Areas” will show you frequently tested zones in a daily chart that you can transfer to your own chart. With this tool, you will get a good overview of prospective zones in the selected currency pair and save a lot of time typically spent on searching for these zones.

You can also get a quick and precise overview of the crucial points that the market has established in the past with the “High/Low Points” tool. This tool displays high and low points in the daily chart of the selected currency pair. PMT helps you save time and effort to avoid unnecessary and sometimes costly mistakes with its two tools for identifying market structure

Trend tools

With the automatic algorithms developed by PMT, you can easily identify trends. Our trend identification tool follows various criteria, including the density of the trend, deviation from regression, and the number of points near the floor and ceiling. Since the price usually moves as a series of tops and bottoms rather than in a straight line, this tool makes it possible to study pricing changes so you can identify if any patterns emerge.

Avoid flaws that affect the success of many investors, who still spend too much time examining charts and drawing trend lines manually to identify trends. The subjectivity of human calculations might distort perception and make investors observe the trends that they want to see as they fit in with their subjective preferences and sometimes wrong mental shortcuts/heuristics. Instead, you can use our trend identifying tool, Algos, that automatically and accurately detects High/Low Points and the current Trendphase. 

Entry Tools

Various tools have been developed to help you find the right Entry and keep you away from struggles to find a good entry into the market, faced by many traders. A few advantages and disadvantages exist when using multiple entrance signals. Although the majority of them are quite straightforward, there are many other important elements and aspects to consider than simply displaying an entrance level. For instance, momentum and strength are also crucial for you to determine the right point to enter a position

Our professional tools include all the important elements to help you spot the most reliable, just in time entry points, providing enough momentum to push your trades to your desired profit zone.

Our Entry Levels indicator updates entry levels in real-time for both long and short orders. You can just select any desired time frame and choose one of the three Levels to enter


Keeping a written track of trades and thoughts throughout the day might be the crucial aspect that makes your own trading practice stand out from others. To help you keep a journal, we designed this thorough tool that includes details beyond your brokerage statement. You can keep a record of your strategy ideas, past market conditions, and mistakes that you have made. With the Journal tool, you can gain new insights into your unique trading in order to advance your strategy.

PrimeMarket Terminal goes one step further with our AI that will analyze your trades with MAE and MAF for maximum returns, and search for optimization. You will get an insight into old functions in a chart which helps you detect mistakes easily. Moreover, you can import your myfxbook and MT4/MT5 very easily.


Neural beats

Binaural Beats or Binaural Tones are sounds that produce specific stimuli in you brain. Your brain activity should be on optimal levels while making such important decisions as investments. If there are tools able to bring your brain activity to perfect levels for rational and thoughtful decisions, it certainly is important to dive into this topic more deeply. Your brain is able to discriminate between two tones that have slight differences in frequency down to 30Hz. This difference is called a binaural tone/beat and it is unique feature of PrimeMarket Terminal aiming to address brain waves useful for decision making. 

We offer you an opportunity to train your brain and bring it to more optimal states for trading by using binaural beats. Alpha and Theta Waves are the most important as you will be in a more relaxed, meditative state and therefore, not rush to make decisions. Being anxious, fearful or paranoid would cause you to make more emotional and irrational decisions. You may have fear of loosing and therefore decide to close your trade too early, or decide to make up for the current losses by impulsively doubling the position size. Essentially, other brain states are not adequate for the activity like trading, that requires a stable mental state in which you are able to sharpen your mind.


The volume of a financial instrument indicated how much of it has been trade over a certain period of time. Depending on your interest, it can refer to shares, contracts or lots. We provide you the access to this type of information with the stock exchanges indicator that keeps track and provides the data. It is one of the oldest and still widely used indicators, and one of a few that isn’t based on price. To make it simpler, you will get the data displayed in colored columns with a moving average. The upper volumes are marked with green, and the volume down is marked with red. High volumes suggest high interests in an instrument at its current price, vise versa.

When the trading volume suddenly increases, the indicator suggests to you that there is an increased probability that a price will change. News events are a good example of when the volume might increase. Typically, strong trend movements go hand in hand with increased trading volumes, which points to the fact that one can observe volume as a measure of strength. Although the simplest way to use volume in a trading strategy is to expect high buying volume at a support level and high selling volume at a resistance level, there are several other ways to include it in your trading strategy and it is best to combine it with other methods of analysis.

News Room

Our vision is to assist traders and investors in having their entire financial universe in one place and constantly updated. Therefore, we offer our real-time news and financial content room that democratize access to market moving information. All tradors and investors are given the opportunity to be informed. With us, you can always be in the middle of the heat that happens on the market. 

Feel the vibe and pulse of the markets with the articles and video contents from reputable news sources such as CNBS, Zacks, Bloomerg, The Motley Fool, Fox Business, The Street and many more, all in one place, on the PrimeMarket Terminal platform.

Custom Alerts

With our custom alerts, you can get an immediate notification the moment the market meets your custom criteria. For instance, you can simply enter “Alert me if Apple crosses above 150 $”, and you will get visual pop-ups, audio signals, email alerts, or push notifications over an encrypted channel if available.

Creating a custom alert, setting parameters, and saving everything according to your needs is made to be very easy. You may choose to get the alert pushed to the device each time the market meets your criteria, with no setup required. Various alert kinds are available, including Real-Time Price Alerts, Indicator Alerts, Crossing Alerts, Crossing Down/Up %, Greater/Less Than, and Moving Up/Down percent. We invite you to apply all these alerts to any of our indicators of your choice, and to the predictions as well. This feature will help you if you, for instance, want to check if the Retail positions increase in a certain timespan by a certain amount.

Risk Managament

You will not have to worry about risks and safety while using PrimeMarket Terminal. We included everything you need to properly protect your account and manage risks. For this purpose, a Position Size Calculator is made to show you the entry and stop levels inside the chart. You can apply this tool to any trading instrument, including currency pairs, CFDs, equities, indices, commodities, futures, and cryptocurrencies. 

If you prefer, set stop-loss and/or take-profit as distance in points. Otherwise, you can set them as multiples of ATR to get the potential reward level and risk-to-reward ratio when take-profit is given. Our calculator supports both pending and instant orders (easy switching) and provides you with information about the Detailed swaps (rollover interest).

Top Indicator - ATR, EMA etc...

Many traders employ indicator-based analysis to decide what trades they will make and where they will enter and leave. TradingView features over 100 built-in market indicators based on industry-standard formulas, and they are all available to you with PrimeMarket.

Some of the most popular indicators include Average True Range (ATR), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD), Ichimoku Cloud, and Exponential Moving Average (EMA). We optimized each of them to perfectly fit into our system, which makes it possible for you to look for a combination of signals based on these indications.

Our prices are fair and include continuous updates and optimizations!

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