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Institutional grade data

With our Level II Market Depth Data, you have the opportunity to bring your trading to the same level as investment banks and hedge funds! PrimeMarket provides you with thousands of indicators for nearly 196 countries. Whether you are looking for economic data, stock market indexes, exchange rates, commodities, or financial data for basic analysis, you will be a satisfied customer with access to data analysis of many public traded companies. Our sophisticated platform offers you real-time access to News, Social Sentiment, and Retail Positions as well.
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Future data prediction with our AI based algorithms

We developed algorithms that use deep machine learning and recurrent neural networks that have fully hidden linked layers. Our sophisticated technology works for you by processing institutional-grade data and dynamically forecasting future price movements while taking into account temporal recurring anomalies and application-dependent vector-based motions. You will get a clear and detailed image of the market since we analyze more than 5000 news articles each day, rating them by their outlook, together with the social media platforms, to inform you about the public mood and orientation.
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30+ Years


Get one of the most powerful financial workstations currently available

  • Seasonality Prediction
  • Pattern Scan
  • Market Strucuture
  • Entry Tools
  • Retail Sentiment
  • Social Sentiment
  • Smart money reports
  • Best Chartingtools
  • Trenddetection
  • Insider Trading
  • Custom Alerts
  • Real-time Data
  • Smooth Workflow

Every industry exhibits unique seasonal trends based on solid fundamental drivers. Some of the popular seasonal drivers include harvest periods, the timing of interest payments, tax or balance sheet deadlines, earnings reports, the weather, investor sentiment at certain time points, and traditional patterns such as the year-end rally in the stock market as well.

Seasonalities are regular and predictable patterns that recur over certain periods in a calendar year. We provide you with seasonal patterns to systematically optimize your trading. By applying seasonal patterns, you will be able to make consistent trades and find suitable time points to buy or sell individual stocks, commodities, and currencies. With our award-winning algorithms, you can overcome subjectivity and base your trading decisions on empirical facts! Read More →

Any common chart patterns you have seen before, such as Pinbar Pattern and similar, do not have any role in our system. PrimeMarket works by following statistical principles, starting from the current chart situation declared as a pattern. The superior algorithm runs through all available history to compare the identified pattern with similar chart constellations from the past.Contrary to our Pattern Scan algorithm, conventional analyzers do not recognize the most recent patterns in price data that have never been seen before. You don’t have to worry about data recency or accuracy thanks to evolutionary forecasting technology with vector algorithms and fuzzy logic. We take into account even the latest formations in price data analysis. Evolutionary formation recognition also addresses long-term market changes since our algorithm is self-learning. You will also get a concrete future trading recommendation based on instantaneous prediction. Take advantage of getting the trading forecasts before other market participants and turn your knowledge into profits immediately! Read More →

 With the PrimeMarket Terminal, you will get a chance to quickly identify the market structure. To avoid unnecessary errors, and save your time and effort, we offer two tools for this purpose: 

"Supply and Demand Areas" will show you repeatedly tested zones in a daily chart. Forget about searching for the possible zones! You can save time and transfer the information from "Supply and Demand Areas" to your individual chart to get a complete overview of possible zones in the selected currency pair. "High/Low Points" presents the high and low points in a daily chart of the selected currency pair, while also giving you precise information about important points the market has formed in the past.  Read More →

 Many traders struggle to find a good entry into the market. That’s why we developed various tools to help you find the right entry. Each entry signal has advantages and disadvantages, and most of them are also quite concise, while many more elements determine a good entry. Momentum and strength are also very important when you are looking for the right point to enter the market.

With our professional tools, you will get a combination of all the important aspects to find the most confirmed, not too early, not too late entry points. Find entry points with enough momentum to take your trade into the desired profit zone!

 Choose any timeframe you want and get 3 possible Levels to enter. The entry levels at our Entry Levels indicator are updated in real-time for long as well as for short order.  Read More →

It is a well-known fact that 90-95% of Retail Traders lose money over the long term trading. Wouldn’t it be a good feeling to be on the opposite side for every single trade you take? Market Makers take advantage of  the available information every day. They know where retail liquidity is and they use it. For these purposes, retail sentiment is a valuable tool for intraday trading, as well as for detecting trend changes at important key levels. We provide you with the barometer that is based on liquidity providers’ and buyers’ transactions to show the ratio of long and short positions.

The sentiment barometer shows you indications of impending changes in the market climate. You can measure the speculative interest in an asset and use it as a contrarian indicator. Get live data, long history, and short update intervals! The data is updated every 15 minutes, including full history in several timeframes, long/short ratio, average long/short prices, percentages, and entry prices as well. Read More →


It takes a lot of time to keep track of stocks on social media sites like Twitter or Reddit. To save you time, our social sentiment Algo uses the latest machine learning technology to monitor numerous social media websites and address your needs. Artificial intelligence is a broad concept that essentially refers to teaching computers to emulate human thinking. Many problems can be solved with AI, but sentiment analysis is particularly interesting to us. Training and automation of computers allow fast and efficient analysis of social media and insights into what people talk about companies and their products. This analysis gives you an opportunity to judge public perception and determine if it affects the stock value.

Algos is based on machine learning. We fed a neural network with social media posts and trained it to identify their sentiments. After a neural network has been properly configured and extensive training has been carried out, it was able to identify sentiment independently with high accuracy. Read More →


Our Smart money report offers an insight into how the major dealer groups are positioning themselves on the market. We predict possible trends as they emerge with a high probability. Therefore, you may get information early in the market before the big trend takes hold. If you have already worked with the CoT report and know what signals to interpret from the data, this will be a powerful tool for you.

Commercials often represent the largest trader group as they are most informed about the current market. When you can find out how they place themselves, you are usually on the right path to make huge profits! Read More →

PrimeMarket Terminal perfectly addresses the needs of the most demanding users! The quality of our tools is recognized by TradingView, which is our partner in the process of delivering the most powerful technical charting currently available. With us, you will get a feature-rich platform for technical analysis and experience the superiority of next-generation web charting.Get a complete technical analysis with trading capabilities. We created the charts carefully to interact with our users and present them with a variety of chart types, allowing them to observe markets from multiple angles. We offer baseline and area charts, as well as volume-based indicators Renko, Kagi, and Heiken-Ashi. The most complex technical analyses are now made fast and efficient with a broad selection of tools. Read More →


Choose PMT to examine price movements and identify trends automatically. Our algorithms search for the most reliable trend in the chart over several timeframes. Prices usually move in sequences of tops and bottoms, rather than in a straight line. Some of the criteria that PMT uses to address this issue include the density of the trend, deviation from regression, and the number of points near the floor and ceiling.

Many investors still examine charts and draw trend lines by hand to spot trends. Relying on your reasoning sometimes might be the most interesting part of trading. In this case, however, there is no need to risk inaccuracy. Don’t allow yourself to observe the trends you want to see and let your biases affect the analysis while there is a more reliable and less timely option available. Our Algos recognize High and Low Points as well as the current Trendphase automatically. Read More →


The word "insider trading" mostly has a negative connotation because it is perceived as being unfair to the average investor. Insider trading implies trading in a public company’s stock by someone who possesses material information about that stock that is not made available to the public. This non-public material information about the stock can significantly impact an investor’s decision to get involved in trading securely. Insider trading can be legal or illegal depending on whether it follows SEC guidelines. We provide you with a complete position list of hedgefund and institutional investors for each company. You will get valuable information about their entry dates and ratings for their positions. Get detailed information about transactions made by insiders who buy and sell stocks of publicly traded companies without public information about these stocks. Read More →


When the market matches your criteria, PrimeMarket Terminal notifies you immediately! You can set your custom criteria along with the alerts you would like to get. For example, you can choose: "Notify me if Apple crosses above $150." Get visual pop-ups, audio signals, email alerts, or PUSH notifications – it’s your choice! We send alerts to your device via an encrypted channel if available. We made it easy for each of you to create a custom alert, set parameters, and save it for your needs. Your alert can be pushed to the device as soon as the market meets your criteria, with no setup required if you would like it. Various alert types are available for you to apply to any of your indicators or for predictions, including Real-Time Price Alerts, Indicator Alerts, Crossing Alerts, Crossing Down/ Up, Greater/Less Than, and Moving Up %/ Down %. If you want to see, for example, if the retail positions increase in a certain period by a certain % amount, you will be notified as soon as this event occurs. Read More →


Take advantage of data sourcing that meets institutional-grade performance standards and get the data from well-known commercial providers and large banks. Low latency (170ms) data streaming for institutional use grants you full control over the current quotes with real-time Time and Sales Data. We have been aiming to build a reliable data stream and meet the highest standards, not only for quotes but for any type of data that you seek. PMT’s quotes, news, reported numbers, background information, and other information meet all requirements for financial data provision. Experience an exceptional service together with powerful visualizations and charts! Optimize our current data workflow and significantly improve the performance of our trading system. This data has already provided invaluable support in developing and improving our comprehensive algorithmic systems. With real-time data collection and processing, our analytical system has become considerably more sophisticated, which works in your favor. Together, we are expanding PMT’s presence in new markets and opening new investment opportunities! Read More →


PrimeMarket Terminal offers you numerous features that are highly customizable and easy to interact with. We designed beautiful and well-organized charts to meet your charting needs. You will get highly flexible trading software that has almost everything you need to analyze the trading markets and present the analysis according to your interests.

PMT never stops improving! We release new features and enhancements every 1-2 weeks, without requiring you to pay additional fees. We are also looking forward to your impressions and new suggestions. Contact our Team to ask for the feature you would like to see in the system and we will add it to our feature request list! We are continuously updating our system according to our users’ requests to make sure they are 100% satisfied and successful. Read More →

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