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Terminal and Dashboard Overview

Explore a few of the Cutting-Edge Features of Prime Market Terminal to gain the needed Edge in Informed and Profitable Trading

Prime Market Terminal offers a variety of tools and data to analysis macro economics in the bigger picture around the world.  Explore now the PMT Economic Calendar, Worldbook and many other useful tools to analyse Macro Data. Stay informed about key economic indicators, such as GDP, inflation rates, employment figures, and more to make data-driven trading decisions.

Read the news that moves the markets first to capitalize on the next big trends before the world knows about it. Utilize Realtime Headline Tickers, wide News Coverage and a complete Reading Desk to always stay ahead of the curve. Get instant access to breaking news, market updates, corporate announcements, and relevant economic events, ensuring you are always informed about the latest developments.

Gain access to a wealth of professional research within PMT, authored by industry experts and analysts. Dive deep into insightful research, market analysis, and investment strategies to enhance your understanding of various sectors, asset classes, and specific investment opportunities.

Prime Market Terminal equips you with powerful charting tools combined with advanced data so you can instantly spot the best trades! Utilize the best charts in the industry, automated trend and market structure analysis and a bunch of other tools to determine the strength of assets! 

Let the hidden rhythms of the markets become your roadmap to smarter decisions and enhanced returns.Gain access to unique data providing a significant edge that will massively improve your overall bias determination. Utilize Seasonality, Realtime Sentiment and many other tools to get on the right side of the market.

Our Orderflow tools are an innovative addon that provides users with a unique visual representation of market liquidity and dynamics in real time. Utilize a full Retail PositionBook and Footprint-Charts to be combined with volume always at the pulse of the market, offering invaluable insights into the strength and direction of price movements.

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great trading starts with Superior insight!

Unleash the Potential of Your Trades with Prime Market Terminal’s Cutting-Edge Data and  Tools.

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