Macroeconomic Data

Prime Market Terminal offers a variety of tools and data to analysis macro economics in the bigger picture around the world. 

Economic Calendar

The PMT calendar feature is a highly regarded tool among traders for tracking economic events and indicators that can impact the currency markets. It provides a detailed schedule of upcoming economic releases, central bank meetings, and other financial events, each with potential implications for currency values. Here’s a breakdown of its key features: 

The core of the PMT calendar is its listing of global economic events. These include data releases like unemployment rates, inflation readings, and manufacturing indices from countries around the world. Each event is scheduled with its expected time of release, making it easy for traders to prepare for potential market movements.


Events on the calendar are color-coded according to their potential impact on the markets. High-impact events, which are more likely to cause significant movement in the currency markets, are marked distinctly, helping traders prioritize which events to watch closely.


For each event, the calendar often provides historical data, including previous figures and the market’s reaction. This historical perspective can be invaluable for analysis, allowing traders to gauge how similar events have influenced market trends in the past.


The calendar typically includes economists’ forecasts for each data release, alongside the actual figures once they’re published. This comparison helps traders assess the market’s likely direction based on whether data meets, exceeds, or falls short of expectations.
Also it offers a high / low forecast range and 

Users can customize the calendar to filter events by country, economic impact, and type of event. This makes it easier for traders to focus on the information most relevant to their trading strategies.

The calendar updates in real-time, providing immediate access to economic indicators as they are released. This timeliness is crucial for trading, where assets can change rapidly in response to new information.

Macroeconomic Data

PMT  provides data, indicators, and forecasts for 35 countries, covering more than 10,000 economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indexes, government bond yields, and commodity prices. We aim with coverage to provide everything that investors, financial analysts, economists, academics, and anyone interested in the global economy need for their trade idea generation. PMT  offers a wealth of information sourced from official entities such as governments, central banks, and key financial organizations, ensuring the credibility of its economic statistics.



In addition to presenting historical data, PMT also provide forecasts based on its own econometric models, offering users not just a snapshot of current economic conditions but insights into future trends. This is especially valuable for economic research, investment decision-making, and understanding broader macroeconomic patterns.


Our platform  features several analysis tools including charts and graphs to aid in data visualization, helping users to easily interpret complex economic trends over time. With comprehensive coverage and a user-friendly interface, PMT serve as an essential resource for anyone looking to grasp the economic dynamics of specific countries or the global economy at large.


The PMT Worldbook is a comprehensive resource of facts and statistics on more than 250 countries and territories around the world, similar to the Bloomberg Factbook. This Worldbook provide detailed overviews of each country’s geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues. It is intended for use by officials, researchers, educators, students, and the general public interested in international affairs and economics.

The information in the PMT Worldbook is collected from a variety of sources, aiming for credibility and frequent updates to reflect the most current data available. The Worldbook is accessible inside and is a valuable resource for anyone interested in global comparisons and country-specific information to generate trade ideas.

Many other functions and widgets inside PMT

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