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Prime Market Terminal has already equipped thousands of traders with the tools they need for consistent, profitable trading. Our commitment to delivering value to you and your community is why we've launched the industry's highest paying affiliate program!

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We've made joining our affiliate program incredibly simple and fast. Just click the button below to message us and get started! We'll swiftly walk you through the details and provide you with your affiliate links, so you can start promoting and earning money right away.

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We provide you with all the essentials, from marketing materials and a comprehensive marketing course to regular reviews of your doing. Enhancing your success is our goal. Plus, we offer dedicated 24/7 support for our affiliates, ensuring we're always there to assist you!

Create a Steady Monthly Income

We distribute your earnings on a monthly basis! Our partnership agreement is for life; as long as the user remains with PMT, you'll receive your share every month—including from potential upsells. We recognize the importance of a secondary, stable income stream for traders! Several of our affiliates earn over $10,000 a month.


Earn Up To

50% Commission

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Insights from Our
Community of Traders

An honest review

Simply, the prime market terminal is an excellent weapon to have in your armoury when trying to take on any trading market. Competitors, such as Bloomberg come at a HUGE fee. PMT is definitely affordable and worth it. The data that is accrued into the one system makes life much easier for making decisions on taking any trade. Personally, it is a factor on me taking trading to a full time status at the end of the year. I think this may be the first review I’ve ever written on trustpilot which hopefully speaks volumes. I don’t really care much for technical analysis now in truth, due to what I’ve learned from being around PMT over the last 2 years. The icing on the cake is the support team is great and the guys genuinely want people to succeed. I have never felt like the lifetime membership wasn’t worth it.

You will not find better value for this money in other any terminal

I am using Prime Market Terminal now for over 2 years and it definetly gives you a great value and more edge in your trading, if you know how to use this kind of data you find there. I also have to say that especially the optimizations they constantly make are very remarkable. If you have any problems or wanna give feedback for any ideas the PMT-Support always can help you!

One of the best investment you can make

The Prime Market Terminal is the best investment I have made since I started investing on the forex market. I began using this software from its early stages, and I have witnessed its evolution over months and years, along with all the improvements made by the developers. In my opinion, it is by far one of the best investments you can make as an investor. The PMT has greatly helped me become a profitable trader, the data it provides saves me a tremendous amount of research time and allows me to conduct faster and higher-quality analyses. I can only recommend you to use it. Thanks to the team for developing this tool, you cannot imagine how much you have helped me on my journey to become a trader.

Transformative Journey with Prime Market Terminal

Prime Market Terminal has transformed my approach to wealth creation. As a dedicated affiliate, the exclusive resources provided catapulted my success. The personalized support, coupled with cutting-edge tools, enabled me to navigate the financial landscape with confidence. I am grateful for the opportunities this platform has offered me. Prime Market Terminal isn't just a terminal; it's a partner in my financial journey.

This product is an absolute must for…

This product is an absolute must for trading. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner. I’ve used PMT from the start of my journey and it’s showed me where I was going wrong especially if my trade ended in a lost because you can never go wrong with fundamentals. PMT provides so much education on how to improve and use the tools correctly. Their customer service is out of this world and always willing to go the extra mile. I highly recommend PMT to any trader wether they be swing , intra day or scalpers. ❤️

The best trading software

I've tested other softwares before and they can't compare to PMT. Everything you need in one place! Amazing software that every trader should try, your trading will never be the same when you try it. Data-backed decisions will lead to stress-free trading, as a TA-only trader you have almost no chance of winning in this market, invest in yourself and reach new levels of profitability! Amazing support always here to help, sessions wraps, bank reports, useful indicators. Must have for every serious trader!


Key Advantages of the PMT Affiliate Program

The industry-leading affiliate program not only provides top-tier payouts but also includes numerous benefits, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters!

Earn Up to 50% Commission

Enjoy recurring lifetime monthly payouts! You have the freedom to choose the commission you wish to earn and the discount your clients will enjoy – a true win-win scenario. We're also open to running special deals or promotions for your audience; just get in touch with us!

Complete Professional Support

Marketing Materials, Complimentary Marketing Course, Informative Tutorials, and a Dedicated Affiliate Manager. We're here to assist you in maximizing your conversions and establishing a consistent income stream. Additionally, we'll regularly review and enhance your content to ensure your success.

Small Price - All Features

We believe that showcasing your outstanding experience with PMT is the most effective promotion strategy. That's why we offer a special affiliate version at an even more affordable price, with all features unlocked! Just send us a message to secure this deal!

We've got you covered

Whether you're a trader with a small Discord group or a large company with an audience in the millions, our affiliate program is designed to work for everyone.

Content Creator
Content Creator

As a Content Creator with an existing or growing trading-related audience, whether you're a blogger, YouTuber, or influencer, you are the ideal partner to introduce PMT to your audience.

Trading Educators

If you share your expertise and empower others through informative courses, consider adding your PMT to your materials. This way, you can educate and inspire retail traders towards making well-informed trading decisions with a real edge.

Professional Trader

If you're a professional trader sharing your trades to benefit others, fantastic! Demonstrate your expertise by documenting how you work with PMT. Build a community of traders committed to profitability.

your success is
our priority

Tap into the full potential of our extensive affiliate program and begin promoting today to start earning tomorrow!
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Discover solutions and resolve your queries with our Frequently Asked Questions. Can't find the answers you need? Contact our Affiliate Team.

Joining our affiliate program requires a solid work ethic and successful completion of our application process. We value dedication and are excited to welcome new partners who are ready to grow with us.

We believe in potential more than numbers, so we don't set strict minimums for traffic or followers. Dedication and effort are what we look for in our affiliates.

For support, our dedicated affiliate team is readily available. Connect with us on Telegram at [https://t.me/PMT_Affiliate], where we're eager to assist you with any inquiries or guidance you may need.

Join our exclusive affiliate group to connect with a vibrant community of high performers. Here, we exchange experiences, tips, and best practices. An invitation awaits you upon joining our program.

You’re welcome to promote PMT across various platforms, including your website, blog, social media, and email newsletters. We encourage diverse strategies to reach your audience effectively

We equip you with comprehensive marketing materials—banners, images, and copy examples. Plus, gain exclusive access to our affiliate marketing course, revealing our best-kept secrets for becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

You will earn a generous up to 50% commission on each sale, with the potential to increase your rate based on outstanding performance.

You’ll enjoy recurring commissions on our subscription-based service as long as the customer remains subscribed, enhancing your earning potential over time.

Receive monthly payouts upon reaching the minimum threshold. We process payments through PayPal or direct bank transfer for your convenience.

Payouts are made monthly, provided you've reached the minimum threshold. Payments are processed through PayPal or direct bank transfer.

While we encourage creativity in your promotions, we also stress the importance of honesty and adherence to our content guidelines. Ensure your promotions are accurate and aligned with our brand values

As a token of our partnership, you’ll enjoy an 80% discount on your PMT account for personal use, allowing you to deeply understand and genuinely promote the product you’re endorsing.

Monitor your success with our affiliate dashboard. Track sales and commissions metrics in real-time, accessible anytime you log into your account.